07 Apr '15, 1pm

Type in Thames

Type in Thames

When I was a student at what’s now rather grandly named The London College of Communication we would have to compose type by hand in a typeface called Baskerville (I now use that font for reading on my Kindle). Upon completion and subsequent inspection by the tutor it was expected that you would diss (distribute the type back into the typecase) it back for the next student. S ome less than diligent students would, instead smuggle their work out of college and ’distribute’ their work into the Thames from whichever bridge they happened to cross on their way home. I was reminded of this when reading The Gorgeous Typeface That Drove Men Mad and Sparked a 100-Year Mystery about the destruction of an iconic typeface from the parapet of Hammersmith Bridge which took over 100 clandestine nightly trips dropping the metal into the river’s murky depths. One of the leading figures of ...

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This is how we're hunting: #Easter #FTYPECOUPE

This is how we're hunting: #Easter #FTYPECOUPE

jaguar.com 07 Apr '15, 8am

Pulse quickening, F-TYPE is a pure Jaguar sports car. It combines effortless, exhilarating performance, instant response a...

Discover the #FTYPE's ambient interior lighting. For when the sun goes down:

Discover the #FTYPE's ambient interior lighting...

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F-TYPE R’s interior dials up the intensity of the 1+1 experience to represent the pinnacle of Jaguar craftsmanship and dyn...