Cabs Are For Kissing: Miracle On 10th Avenue

We live lives of small unanswered injustices. You come home from the supermarket and notice that you were overcharged a dollar and a half for the tomatoes. It’s not right, you know, but you also know it’s not worth the trouble of going back to the store to get your money back. So you forget about it. Or you are looking over the monthly bank statement and see you have been charged an “administrative fee” of ten dollars because your balance dipped below the minimum of $1,500 for one lousy day during the month. “Bastards” you mutter to yourself and consider changing banks. But then you think of the hassle that would be and you forget about it. Or you are driving down a tight one-way street in your city and you pause to allow a car attempting to pull out from the curb to get in front of you. You didn’t have to stop, but it seemed the neighborly thing to do. Then the car procee...

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@hamsammitchhes If you're in DC, no.

@hamsammitchhes If you're in DC, no. 06 Apr '14, 4am

White, black, purple, beige, teal, magenta, periwinkle - the only consistency found in a DC taxi paint job is a plethora o...