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Taxi Tales: Nee Naw

Taxi Tales: Nee Naw

I was a bit curious when I spotted this car sporting the words N.W Blood Bikes. I mean blood and bikes could mean any number of things to a lot of people eh? So of course I googled it and the website tells me that they " provide a voluntary out of hours transport service to our local hospitals by carrying urgent and emergency blood, blood derivatives, samples, donor breast milk for premature babies, Doctors notes, and theatre equipment, in fact anything that can be carried by motorcycle, between hospitals. We provide this service through the night, at weekends and Bank Holidays enabling hospital funding to be better spent on patient care." Mmm I thought that sounds familiar, isn't that exactly what we as a local taxi service do every day of the year 24 hours a day. Of course we charge for our services but that's part of what we do for our living. Why do these seemingly cha...

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See more on this year's Air Jordan 12 "Taxi"

sneakernews.com 09 Sep '13, 5pm

will be back in 2013, but as far as we can tell it will be a one-off affair. The only colorway that’s been spotted on the ...

fotos nyc desde un taxi. via microsiervos,

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Taxi Tales: Taxi Nightmare

taxistorys.blogspot.com 16 Sep '13, 6pm

Taxi (2013) Director Kevin Sharkey Producer Colm Sexton from Kevin Sharkey on Vimeo . A Taxi ride turns into a nightmare f...

A tale of two Courts » National Taxi Association

A tale of two Courts » National Taxi Association

Champion kickboxer Ian Houillebecq terrorised York taxi driver A DRUNK kickboxer forced a taxi driver into a terrifying jo...

Taxi Furby | @taxi_talismans Dale

Taxi Furby | @taxi_talismans Dale

The Furby craze over the past year has, without a doubt, made its way over to Thailand. Despite the fact that here they co...

"Taxi" Air Jordan 12

"Taxi" Air Jordan 12

sneakernews.com 19 Sep '13, 5pm

is one of those original MJ colorways that ended up kind of far from the Chicago palette what with its black and white bas...

Serving the taxi trade since 1960

Serving the taxi trade since 1960

Taxi drivers have expressed their anger that a private hire firm with vehicles licensed by another council are still opera...

Taxi Tales: Jail Phone

taxistorys.blogspot.com 12 Sep '13, 4pm

A strange letter arrived at the local Taxi office that I work from the other day. It was headed as coming from Her Majesty...

Taxi Tales: Murder Miles

taxistorys.blogspot.com 08 Sep '13, 8pm

As soon as I saw the guy come out of the White House hotel I recognised him, it had been a long long while but I definitel...

Taxi Tales: 24 Hour Failure

taxistorys.blogspot.com 19 Sep '13, 4pm

We need to go back to sensible licensing hours then maybe we can save some of our pub's and working folk club's from closu...

Fare Calculator | Singapore Taxi Cab Fare Calcu...

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