09 Sep '13, 3pm

@VictorianLondon @LondonSounds Sans refs - C12th human lavatory. But S. Rayner tells me she has far later examples:

Gentle reader one day you will come, as I have now, to a time in your life when finding a toilet becomes not a distraction but a necessity. London loos, until the 1950s, were famous the world over, but now according to the British Toilet Association (yes, there is a pro-toilet lobby group), a third of the lavatories run by city councils have closed in the last three years. W hile London with a decline of 40 per cent since 1999 is the largest drop in the country. They claim there is now only one public toilet for every 10,000 people in England but only one for every 18,000 Londoners. London’s magnificent Victorian public toilets were built after The Public Health Act of 1848, called for ‘Public Necessaries to be provided to improve sanitation’. The Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in 1851 had toilets for visitors. These were installed by George Jennings, a plumber fro...

Full article: http://www.cabbieblog.com/blog/the-human-lavatory/