18 Aug '13, 5pm

Taxi Tales: Strangely Remote

Taxi Tales: Strangely Remote

When I went to collect my passenger from a Walney pub on Friday morning it wasn't quite what I was expecting. A red faced guy walked from the pub and opened the passenger door and dropped a TV remote control onto the front seat. I looked to him and then the remote quizzically and patiently waited for the story. None was forthcoming, I guess he was a bit embarrassed, he just handed me some cash and told me the address where the remote was to go. When I reached the home of the remote control the door was half opened by a puzzled looking woman in pyjamas, who stared blankly at the remote. But then a little girl appeared who looked delighted to see the wayward remote, and so without another word I handed it over and left. Who knows what the story was, your guess is as good as mine is.

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Fotos desde un taxi

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Web-Based Remote I/O Control

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Ruby on Rails Known Secret Session Cookie Remot...

exploit-db.com 12 Aug '13, 4pm

## # This file is part of the Metasploit Framework and may be subject to # redistribution and commercial restrictions. Ple...

Ruby on Rails Known Secret Session Cookie Remot...

cxsecurity.com 12 Aug '13, 6am

Ruby on Rails Known Secret Session Cookie Remote Code Execution