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  • Seattle Taxicab Regulation Ordinance eff. 1 Jan 97

    taxi-library.org 23 Jul '15, 3pm

    (1) The applicant taxicab association's name, business street address and post office box address (if any), business FAX number, business phone number where the taxicab association representative can generally be reached between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on all non-holiday weekdays, and FCC-l...

  • Toronto Star Taxi Plate/Leasing Investigation

    taxi-library.org 16 Jul '15, 12pm

    Some believe what happened to Anemi is part of a growing backlash against drivers who spoke out during a Star investigation of the Toronto cab industry. In a letter to Toronto Councillor Dennis Fotinos, lawyer Ian Outerbridge says the actions taken against Anemi amount to ``the abuse ...

  • Get Ready for Bloomsday!

    taxi-library.org 16 Jun '15, 7am

    is a kind of parody of Homer's epic poem The Odyssey. The Odyssey tells the story of the Greek hero Odysseus (AKA Ulysses) who, thanks to the machinations of various hostile deities, spends 19 years trying to get back to Greece following the Trojan War. Ulysses is made up of 18 "Episo...

  • IRS Taxicab Audit Technique Guide

    taxi-library.org 19 Jun '15, 2pm

    In the Los Angeles project, the facts indicated that the examined taxicab drivers should generally be regarded as employees. In order for a taxicab company to meet its many franchise requirements, all of its drivers (lease drivers as well as owner/operators) must follow the appropriat...

  • Taxi Library

    taxi-library.org 23 Apr '15, 7am

    Photo: New York City's 13,437 yellow medallion taxicabs serve 600,000 passengers per day. Welcome to Taxi Library Search Taxi Library powered by FreeFind Taxi Unions Taxis and San Francisco Labor History View the Taxi-Photo display, which needs more good pictures. Do you have photos t...

  • Dublin's Taxi Market: Reregulate or Stay Queuing?

    taxi-library.org 12 Mar '15, 10pm

    In order to make recommendations about the taxi market, we first outline the international economic literature on regulation and, in particular, that work which pertains specifically to taxi markets. We then examine the experience of de-regulation in cities abroad which had previously...

  • Taxi Regulation & the Quebec Experience

    taxi-library.org 09 Dec '14, 8pm

    One feature of taxi transportation is the relatively low cost of entering the market: an automobile and a driver's license is practically all it takes, and this investment is within everyone's reach. In an unregulated situation, the low cost of entering the market means that taxis att...

  • Taxicab Licensing in Madison, Wisconsin

    taxi-library.org 18 Mar '14, 12pm

    Company licensing fees [Sec. 11.06(4)(a)]. The City of Madison has dramatically increased the financial barriers to starting up a new taxicab company in Madison by imposing a $1,500 licensing fee for new companies. Prior to July 1, 1998, city fees of $125 per company were in line with...