29 Nov '12, 9pm

NTIA releases Third Interim Progress Report on the Ten-Year Plan and Timetable #spectrum

NTIA submits this Progress Report pursuant to the Presidential Memorandum issued on June 28, 2010, which directed the Department of Commerce, working through NTIA and in collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to identify and make available 500 megahertz of spectrum over the next ten years for expanded wireless broadband use.

Full article: http://www.ntia.doc.gov/report/2012/third-interim-progres...


Christmas & New Year Holiday Timetable information

translink.co.uk 30 Nov '12, 1pm

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Progress on the Poseidon Underwater Resort

Progress on the Poseidon Underwater Resort

aluxurytravelblog.com 30 Nov '12, 9pm

It was way back in 2008 that we mentioned that Poseidon Resorts was designing a hotel for the sea floor . The idea came fr...