28 Nov '14, 2pm

Los Angeles Times

A rare black seadevil has been captured on video for the first time . The tiny fish is all mouth and teeth, with a glowing projection on its head that attracts prey.

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Los Angeles Times

latimes.tumblr.com 02 Dec '14, 10pm

has some parts of the region that are vulnerable because of past wildfires bracing for mudslides. Here’s a look at how mud...

Los Angeles Times

latimes.tumblr.com 10 Dec '14, 7am

Monday morning’s fire in downtown Los Angeles produced some stunning imagery . So did another fire a few blocks away and o...

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latimes.tumblr.com 02 Dec '14, 1pm

Hit-and-runs involving bicyclists surged 42% from 2002 to 2012 in L.A. County, a Times analysis has found . More than 5,60...