31 Jul '14, 7pm


HEADLINE: Ridesharing Companies Should Accept Taxicab Status SOURCE: Government Technology DATE: July 31, 2014 A writer for Government Technology says transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft need to admit that peer-to-peer rides are commercial transportation services and submit to existing regulatory demands. "…the bottom line is that a person is paying to be brought from point A to point B," the writer says. "That's commercial activity, no matter how the ride is arranged. If taxis and limos abide by one set of regulations because of that activity, why shouldn't Uber, Lyft and the rest of the TNCs? They are providing the same service through a proxy, using a different scheduling method." To read the article, click here . HEADLINE: Charlotte Rider Lodges Complaint Against Uber, Claiming Spider Bite in 'Filthy' Car SOURCE: Charlotte Business Journal DATE: Ju...

Full article: http://www.tlpa.org/media-watch-tlpa/