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@bvelvetespresso not according to this

@bvelvetespresso not according to this

The short answer is no. If a person is injured whilst the taxi is not moving (and no other vehicle is involved) then the CTP Policy does not provide cover. Cover for this type of injury can only be provided by General Liability Insurance (sometimes know as Public Liability Insurance) which is usually offered as an option with the Third Party Property Damage policy that is also compulsory for taxis. There was a case where a passenger received a needle stick injury in a taxi and if that taxi operator had not had General Liability Cover the incident would have cost them hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. Injury risks can arise from passengers’ fingers getting caught in doors or the boot lid falling on their head whilst unloading luggage for instance. General Liability Insurance is not expensive and for less than $200 per year can save you from a potentially very large claims.

Full article: http://www.nswtaxi.org.au/faq.php


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