06 Feb '13, 2pm

Why Nigerians hate Igbo, by Chinua Achebe: via @MyPenMyPaper

Of truth the problem of the Igbos started with their self-acclaimed superiority and high self-concept over every one. The typical Igbo man in his ”igbo sense”deos not believe that there is anybody as wise as himself not even to talk of someone wiser than him. For this reason(s), he looks down on everybody irrespetive of who or what he/she is. That,I think, is what Oga Chenue Achebe is expressing in his write-up,”Why Nigerians hate the Igbos”

Full article: http://mypenmypaper.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/why-nigerian...


Bitcoin: Why do you hate freedom?:

Bitcoin: Why do you hate freedom?:

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