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A taxi driver's quest for the best restaurants in New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin and beyond - driven by the food wisdom of cabbies.

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  • For your eating/reading pleasure, I made some #food maps of NYC, Buenos Aires & Berlin: #DrivingHungry #edible

    Culinary Mapping: New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin

    taxigourmet.com 27 Jul '15, 7pm

    You’ll find food maps of Buenos Aires and Berlin below (Click on the images or on the city names to view the maps in full). I hope you have a chance to try some of these places — and if you do, please tell us about your meal!

  • Chasing the Golden Pretzel: the search for a great #Berlin bakery continues #drivinghungry

    Berlin Dispatch: Chasing the Golden Pretzel

    taxigourmet.com 21 Jul '15, 11am

    I didn’t notice any Golden Pretzels in the window as we walked into Feinbäckerei Gabriel , the first bakery Jürgen recommended, on Florastrasse, about half a mile west of the Pankow stop on the S-Bahn. But a bakery doesn’t have to have a Golden Pretzel to be outstanding, does it? Afte...

  • Today is The Day: A giveaway, a celebration, and gratitude. #drivinghungry

    Giveaway & Celebration: Driving Hungry is Here

    taxigourmet.com 14 Jul '15, 10am

    At last! After five years and three hemispheres and too many drafts to count, Driving Hungry hits the shelves today. I couldn’t have possibly imagined everything that was going to happen, everything that had to happen, between getting that first email from the woman who was to become ...

  • Flashing back to my fave #pizza place in #BuenosAires - a great tip from taxista Antonio #tbt

    From the Archives: The Way to Albamonte

    taxigourmet.com 09 Jul '15, 11am

    It’s Independence Day in Argentina, and I thought I’d celebrate from afar by re-posting the story of one of my all-time favorite Buenos Aires taxi adventures. I’ve been back to Albamonte many times since taxista Antonio dropped us off here, and I’ve never been disappointed. It isn’t o...

  • Berlin Dispatch: Rumen’s Top 5 Under 5 Euros |

    taxigourmet.com 01 Jul '15, 9am

    (Osloer Str. 20, Berlin/Gesundbrunnen, Tel. 030 22 68 77 01, Open M-F, 8:30am-2:30pm) This little cantina, where they make five to seven soups and stews fresh every day, is around the corner from Rumen’s taxi company’s office in Gesundbrunnen, on the north side of Berlin. Owners Erol ...

  • El-Reda felt more like a world than a restaurant to me. #Berlin #food #drivinghungry

    Berlin Dispatch: Christoph’s Not-so-Secret Tip |

    taxigourmet.com 24 Jun '15, 12pm

    1974 was an extraordinary year in Berlin, even by Berlin standards: it was the year the punk movement started to flower in West Berlin, the year the East German team upset the West Germans in the World Cup (though the West Germans went on to win the whole thing), the year the first So...

  • 14 cabby reccommended dishes. #Foodie #NYC via @TaxiGourmet

    Update: Top 14 Cabby-Recommended Dishes in New York

    taxigourmet.com 17 Jun '15, 9am

    – the Hungry Cabbie who’s known for his Five Borough Eating Tour on the Wheels of Steel – where and what he would eat if he had only 24 hours left in New York City, Ali El Sayed’s koshari was one of the dishes he named. After tasting it, I agreed with him. Koshari is a combination of ...

    1. cabby sweeps cabbieblog.com 17 Jun '15, 8am
  • Berlin Dispatch: Is it possible to find good Indian Food in Prenzlauer Berg?

    taxigourmet.com 10 Jun '15, 6pm

    Walking away from Zaika, cabby/techno musician Dirk Waldeck’s favorite Indian restaurant in Berlin, I couldn’t help but remember the words of a Bulgarian taxi driver named Netko as he was telling us about his favorite place to eat in Sofia: “There are a lot of places with worse food.”...


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