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IMG_0024 Off Duty, Thanksgiving day 1: IMG_0031 Thanksgiving day 2, my local subway station: IMG_0034 Off Duty some more, 1 an artsy car parked at the ...

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  • N.Y.C. Taxiphoto: Taxicabs of Yesterday: 1899-2011

    nyctaxiphoto.com 06 Oct '13, 6am

    Taxicabs of Yesterday: 1899-2011

  • N.Y.C. Taxiphoto: Phone Shots 1:

    N.Y.C. Taxiphoto: Phone Shots 1:

    nyctaxiphoto.com 08 Dec '13, 7pm

    From the night before Thanksgiving: Back at my end of night gas station: Off Duty, Thanksgiving day 1: Thanksgiving day 2, my local subway station: Off Duty some more, 1 an artsy car parked at the Home Depot perhaps to get more accessories for this fashion project? Back on Duty, easy ...

  • N.Y.C. Taxiphoto: Shift Shots!! 8/6/2013 - 11/20/2013

    nyctaxiphoto.com 24 Nov '13, 8pm

    I LOVE your night shots!.. the alleyway.. all those lines converging... the mannequins in the window have that eerie and mysterious look... Guess you can't escape assholes-- they're everywhere.

  • @jimcookjimcook

    N.Y.C. Taxiphoto: Police Taxi:

    nyctaxiphoto.com 28 Feb '13, 6pm

    Although the strange license plate number in the picture below doesn't match the roof number (medallion number), this has now been addressed. Now both the plate number and roof number match like a normal taxi's, but another taxiblogger, G.S. at: Cabs Are For Kissing, has mentioned in ...

  • N.Y.C. Taxiphoto: Fake NYC Taxis

    nyctaxiphoto.com 28 Aug '13, 3pm

    From my previous post you'll notice there are at least 2 very convincing fake taxis cruising the streets of New York, and my guess is they got all their tricks from this guy: --->> Interview With The Vampire My favorite taxiblogger did an exposé on the dude back in 2006, I may have se...

  • can you identify a fake taxi? protect yourself from #taxiscams

    nyctaxiphoto: What a real New York City cab looks like:

    nyctaxiphoto.com 25 May '12, 12am

    This is the follow-up to the articles I posted last week about a few taxicabs driving around New York City, WITHOUT any certification to be picking up passengers in the city. This permit, known to locals as a medallion, is worth up to 1 million dollars! I've shown pictures of these fa...

  • nyctaxiphoto: 1st week re-born

    nyctaxiphoto.com 21 Mar '12, 8pm

    driving style: I know now that certain days and conditions will allow for me to drive in a very slow deliberate even pace to maximize fuel economy, as no other cars will aggressively cut me off and slow me down. And however there are many other times when an aggressive style helps to ...

  • #London taxis and Mercedes' were tested out on the streets as possible taxis in #NYC- interesting via

    nyctaxiphoto: Trial Taxis

    nyctaxiphoto.com 03 Jul '12, 10pm

    The Chevy Uplander TC (TC stands for Taxicab) seemed like a good choice for our new standard taxicab. A purpose built car to hold wheelchairs and be a taxi. It was the first of our approved taxis to hold wheelchairs without being jacked up to unsafe height in the rear, as it accepted ...


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