All in a days work

Hi Folks!! It's been a while since my last post. I'll start with some non-work related news. On the 1st of November Jane collected her brand new ...

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  • Moaners & Drunkards

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 08 Mar '13, 12am

    Hi folks I think Spring has finally arrived!! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the traffic is solid!! I just had an old dear in the cab. I picked her up from the St Johns Wood rank and took her down to Great Peter Street in Westminster. Moan moan moan all the way. I shoul...

  • The Shard

    The Shard

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 27 Feb '13, 3am

    We have light drizzly rain in town at the moment so hopefully I'll be busy. I'm starting a bit later this week as Jane is housesitting till next week. As I've recently re-discovered that I like Star Trek it gives me the chance to start from the very beginning. I watched the first 10 e...

  • Coin Dispensers & Spicy Chichen Baguettes

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 08 Feb '13, 7pm

    Coin Dispensers & Spicy Chichen Baguettes Hi folks! It feels like a spring day today with the sun shining away in the sky with hardly a cloud in sight. But let's not kid ourselves as its only February the 8th and still a wee bit chilly round the kneecaps. I recently turned 51 and my d...

  • HNY 2013

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 24 Jan '13, 1pm

    Hi folks Happy New Year to you all!! We're having a serious cold snap at the moment. We've had snow, it's melted and now it's on its way back again. I'm due to go to Suffolk tomorrow with Jane to celebrate her grandaughters first birthday and I can see us getting stuck down there. We ...

  • All in a days work: An autumn day

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 08 Nov '12, 1pm

    I'm sitting in the cab on a rest rank round the back of the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch. It's sunny but clouding over now and it's crisply cold. I'm eating a roast beef and horseradish baguette and drinking a skinny latte from Prêt à Manger. I started at around 9am and have done a...

  • All in a days work: Fish & Chips and trips to Wembley.

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 31 Oct '12, 2am

    So, the Olympics came and went. It was all very pleasing to the eye but for us cabbies it was a non-event and I for one was glad it all ended. I did manage to attend a paralympic event and I was really impressed with the stadium and the atmosphere created by the full house. It will be...

  • All in a days work: Let The Chaos Commence!!

    All in a days work: Let The Chaos Commence!!

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 26 Jul '12, 8pm

    So, after years of waiting, the London 2012 Olympics finally get under way with the opening ceremony taking place tomorrow. So much has been done to get things ready. From a totally brand new stadium at Stratford in East London, to a brand new pool (aquatics centre), a velodrome, a ho...

  • All in a days work: An Evening With Chris

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 14 Mar '12, 12pm

    Thought I'd better post again as it's been almost 2 months. So, what's been happening in my world? Personal stuff first. I recently turned 50!! It doesn't feel any different to me but others I've spoken to say it's a big turning point in their lives. I, on the other hand don't have ti...


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