All in a days work

Hi Folks!! It's been a while since my last post. I'll start with some non-work related news. On the 1st of November Jane collected her brand new ...

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  • Here And There & There And Here!

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 27 Oct '16, 3pm

    I came back to cabbing at the beginning of August and lasted till last week. I had been doing my trucking work up in Ipswich quite enjoyably until I had a bit of a mishap with the truck doors (details can be found on the latest post of my trucking blog truckmann.blogspot.co.uk Ever si...

  • Future Posts As A Trucker

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 23 Jul '16, 7pm

    I have started another blog for my trucking posts. You can read them al here www.truckmann.blogspot.co.uk Many thanks for the years of reading the London Cabby posts I will try and make these posts as interesting and eventful as possible. L.C. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

  • LondonCabby| Agency Driving: Hi FolksWell, here I am sitting at my laptop with yet another unwanted day off.

    Agency Driving

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 21 Jul '16, 12pm

    am sitting at my laptop with yet another unwanted day off. Being an agency worker means you have to wait for the phone to ring on a regular basis for your next job. A Class 2 licence, which would allow me to drive the larger 18 tonne trucks, is really the way forward as there seems to...

  • Night Out Midlands

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 10 Jul '16, 9pm

    in my cozy truck and once I’d pulled the curtains round I was in my own little world. I got my tablet out and tethered it to my iPhone and was able to watch an episode of The X Files (I’ve started watching the whole lot of them from the beginning on Amazon Prime). At around 8pm I stro...

  • Trucking Week 2

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 03 Jul '16, 11am

    Knowing London as well as I do I could practically picture every drop-off I had to do and could foresee problems where others wouldn’t. The St Giles Hotel in Bedford Avenue was going to be my first London drop and I knew drop-off space would be severely limited. As I arrived at the sc...

  • The Day After The "Night Out"

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 23 Jun '16, 11pm

    Hi Folks I turned up at the bed factory early (5.45am) to make sure I could park ok. I met a couple of workers who started to explain the whys and wherefores of the job. I basically had to drive a large 7.5 tonne truck full to the brim with beds and mattresses and I had to deliver to ...

  • Truck Driving and Nights Out

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 21 Jun '16, 11pm

    so, since my last post I have indeed "jacked in cab driving" and via various agencies around Ipswich have driven vans and 7.5 tonne lorries in my pursuit of meaningful employment. It all started around about 6 weeks ago when I applied for a driving job via my iphone whilst on one of m...

  • I'm off again!

    londoncabby.blogspot.com 19 Apr '16, 11am

    Since last posting here my cab has had its annual overhaul. This involves an MOT Test first which normally highlights problems that will need to be rectified before the main test is carried out a day or two later. I found the MOT Fail certificate in the glove box which stated that the...


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