Still Life in Moving Vehicles

3 days ago ... I just returned from a fun trip to Yangon, Myanmar. It turns out that taxis are a good way to get around there. They're plentiful and many of theĀ ...

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  • Uber-cool or Over-rated? | @Taxi_Talismans #Thailand

    Uber cool or Overrated?

    Despite the fact that Bangkok has an abundance of taxis on the streets at all hours of the day and night, more and more locals and visitors are turning to the Uber mobile app to get a cab rather than hailing taxis with their red wahng , or available, lights turned on. Passengers using...

  • Happy Songkran from Still Life in Moving Vehicles!

    Happy Songkran!

    It's that time of year in Thailand to bust out your loudest, most colorful, tropical shirt. Whether you're traveling, partying, or working during Songkran Festival, this is currently the national uniform. And if you're like the cabby in the first picture, you won't forget to wear a to...

  • Blowing the Whistle

    There are many people in Bangkok who want to "blow the whistle" on the current government and put a stop to their antics, but it's rare to see Bangkok taxi drivers who do not support this Prime Minister. I asked the cabby about his political views and he told me that he isn't in favor...

  • Taxi Pagoda | @taxi_talismans #Thailand #Travel

    Taxi Pagoda

    On the dashboard in the taxi last night there was an elaborate multi-layered display with a menagerie of lucky icons. On the lower levels, Thai monk statuettes faced the driver and passengers, and on the top tier there was a Garuda mythological bird figure spreading his golden wings i...

  • Rearview Portraits limited edition photo book now available.

    Now Available

    - All expressway charges and tolls paid by the passenger - Estimated number of car taxis in Bkk - 100,000 - Estimated number of taxi drivers in Bkk from NE Thailand (Isaan) - 70% - Percent of female taxi drivers in Bkk - .3% -Religion of majority of taxi drivers in Bkk - Theravada Bud...

  • Sleepy Heads | @taxi_talismans #Thailand

    Sleepy Heads

    Besides snapping photos and talking to the drivers during long commutes in Bangkok taxis, I admittedly take occasional naps. Riding in the backseat of a cab can be relaxing, presuming the driver isn't blaring the radio or talking loudly on their phone, as long as the roads are smooth,...

  • Roar of the Tiger | @taxi_talismans Dale

    Roar of the Tiger

    In Thai culture, those who possess the symbol of the tiger generally want to obtain some of the attributes of this creature, including strength and fearlessness. I mages of tigers are commonly seen in Thailand in the form of sak yant tattoos and on magical yan cloths, but in this case...

  • Glitzy Taxi | @taxi_talismans Dale

    Glitzy Taxi

    If there's two things that most Thais love, it's glitz and glam. From ostentatious jewelry to flamboyant costumes to crystal chandeliers, many people in this culture are attracted to all things sparkly. Even the driver of this taxi likes to be flashy. He personally glued rows of dark ...

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