Still Life in Moving Vehicles

3 days ago ... I just returned from a fun trip to Yangon, Myanmar. It turns out that taxis are a good way to get around there. They're plentiful and many of the ...

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  • Taxi Mitts | @taxi_talismans #Bangkok #Thailand

    Taxi Mitts

    While taxi drivers in Tokyo sport white gloves, some of the cabbies in our fair city opt for more flamboyant accessories. Take for example, the driver of this cab who is wearing striped purple gloves. Maybe it's just me, but this looks seems completely out of place in a tropical envir...

  • Cat and Mouse | @taxi_talismans Dale #Thailand

    Cat and Mouse

    Physical comedy translates well into many cultures, including in Thailand. In fact, slapstick comedy is extremely popular here, so it makes sense that Thais would appreciate the antics of the classic Warner Brothers characters, Tom and Jerry. The other day, my cabbie had a figurine wi...

  • Reflections / Protection Exhibition | @taxi_talismans #Bangkok #Thailand

    Reflections / Protection Exhibition

    From now until June 29th, I have the exciting opportunity to show twenty of my favorite taxi photos in the gallery. The exhibit includes both black-and-white portraits of the cabbies reflected in their rearview mirrors, as well as color photographs of talismans in Thai taxis . Hence, ...

  • No Photos | @taxi_talismans #Thailand

    No Photos

    One question I often get when people see my taxi photos is, "Do the drivers mind when you take pictures in their cabs?". I assure them that I always ask the cabbies if it's okay and I often tell the drivers about this blog or my book, Thai Taxi Talismans . Most of the time the cabbies...

  • Uber-cool or Over-rated? | @Taxi_Talismans #Thailand

    Uber cool or Overrated?

    Despite the fact that Bangkok has an abundance of taxis on the streets at all hours of the day and night, more and more locals and visitors are turning to the Uber mobile app to get a cab rather than hailing taxis with their red wahng , or available, lights turned on. Passengers using...

  • Blowing the Whistle

    There are many people in Bangkok who want to "blow the whistle" on the current government and put a stop to their antics, but it's rare to see Bangkok taxi drivers who do not support this Prime Minister. I asked the cabby about his political views and he told me that he isn't in favor...

  • Whiff of Relief | Dale | @taxi_talismans #Thailand

    Whiff of Relief

    Herbs have been used for aromatherapy in this part of the world for centuries. Today, you can readily find herbal nasal inhalers for sale in pharmacies, supermarkets, mom and pop shops, markets and convenience stores throughout Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. Some people, ...

  • (Not-So) Hot Taxi | @taxi_talismans #Bangkok #Thailand

    (Not-So) Hot Taxi

    so excited to make the journey. He immediately complained about the distance and the likelihood that we would encounter a traffic jam at that time of day. Then, all of a sudden, I noticed that he turned off the air-conditioner, and a few seconds later, he pulled the car to the side of...


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