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Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough. Well its been a while since my last visit and my promise to Steve that I'd post a bit ...

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  • London Taxi Tales » Blog Archive » Back again!

    legaledoff.com 28 Jun '16, 2pm

    Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and earning enough. Well I thought I’d pop in and update you all with whats been going on since my last visit. I did buy a new cab, well new to me anyway. I bought it from Ascotts who, I have to say, have been brilliant so far. I haven’t had to...

  • London Taxi Tales » Blog Archive » Legal Protection

    legaledoff.com 22 Apr '16, 10pm

    Taxi drivers & Owners Protection Ltd is the brain child of Alan Fleming ,who was formerly the Chairman of The London Cab Drivers Club Ltd. Taxi drivers & Owners Legal Protection Ltd will be a non -Political organization that will provide legal cover and representation for fully paid u...

  • Funny and sad while driving my cab

    legaledoff.com 23 May '15, 1am

    My next piece isn’t quite as cheerful, I was driving up the Mile End road E1 when someone flagged me down. I asked where too, he said Stoke Newington please, so four guys jumped in the back of me cab and said there’s a fifth person to pick up, So I wound down me rear window so they co...

    1. The Black Cab Coffee Company cabbieblog.com 22 May '15, 1pm
  • Illegal minicab touting in London. (Complain)

    legaledoff.com 14 May '15, 9am

    Dear Mayor Johnson, I am a Licensed Taxi driver and I writing to express my concern about the scale of illegal minicab touting in London. Touting now takes place in a significant number of bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels all over the city and is no longer the preserve of the lone ...

  • Another pretty bird seen on the Strand.

    legaledoff.com 29 Jan '15, 8pm

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and earning enough. You don’t need me to tell you how tough it is out there at the moment so I was wondering what you all do to pass the time between jobs? I like to pass the time by looking at unusual things that I pass every day I’m working bu...

  • Another flying visit.

    legaledoff.com 19 Jan '15, 2pm

    Hello everybody I hope you are well and earning enough. Well it was only a year and a bit ago when I said I would be visiting a bit more often, how time flies when your having fun! As you would expect a lot has happened in that time, some good some bad but not all of it worth sharing ...

  • Mayor announces that all new London taxis will need to be zero emission capable from 2018

    legaledoff.com 17 Jan '14, 3pm

    Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) working with five companies in the race to develop the next generation of greener London taxis · Manufacturers spurred on by plans for Ultra Low Emission Zone to improve air quality and encourage take up of zero and low emission vehicles The Mayor ...

  • Heathrow cab war: Tout ‘threatened to kill licensed taxi driver’

    legaledoff.com 18 Feb '13, 1pm

    Police are investigating attacks on black cabs amid tensions between licensed taxi drivers and minicab touts over lucrative routes from Heathrow. Three men were arrested after taxi drivers were allegedly followed home from the terminal and had their vehicles damaged. About 6,000 licen...


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