It's time to put this site to bed. I don't drive a cab any more so there won't be any more stories to add. There isn't much reason for this stuff to sit ...

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  • Lockdown City

    chicagohack.com 22 May '12, 5pm

    I pick up a well-heeled couple from the Chicago Brauhaus in Lincoln Square. The gent has an accent I can’t place but it sounds the way rich people on TV sound. He wears a navy-blue sport coat as naturally as I’d wear an old t-shirt. He’s well into his sixties at minimum. His companion...

    1. Lockdown City chicagohack.com 22 May '12, 6pm
  • "Hack: Saint Patrick's Day"—Snapshots from Saint Patrick's Day on a Saturday night in Chicago.

    Saint Patrick's Day

    chicagohack.com 19 Mar '12, 7pm

    Some snapshots from Saint Patrick’s Day on a Saturday night in Chicago. Driving my first fare of the day, a sweating man crosses our path on Ashland Avenue. His eyes are glassy, unseeing, as he stumbles past. Four or five necklaces of green plastic beads cover his wrongly-buttoned shi...

  • "Hack: Incentive Fare"—about driving the developmentally-disabled in the cab.

    Incentive Fare

    chicagohack.com 31 Oct '12, 5pm

    The prospect of going to the South and West sides of Chicago to pick up handicapped passengers wasn't always that enticing to Checker drivers. Many of these passengers occasionally had to wait an hour or longer to be picked up. To remedy this, the company created an Incentive Fare com...

  • "Hack: Last Ride"~ about my last day as a cabdriver.

    chicagohack.com 22 Mar '12, 6pm

    At 1:20 am last Saturday morning Frank Caruso sat warming himself in the back seat of a police cruiser when a 2010 Chevy Impala plowed into him and took his life. Caruso’s car had broken down in the left lane of the eastbound Eisenhower in the suburb of Addison. He’d called his girlfr...

    1. Saint Patrick's Day chicagohack.com 19 Mar '12, 7pm
    2. Not Unattractive chicagohack.com 16 Mar '12, 8pm
  • "Hack: First Ride (eBook)"

    First Ride (eBook)

    chicagohack.com 16 Oct '12, 2am

    I'm trying out Barnes & Noble's unfortunately-named Pubit! to put out a chapter from my forthcoming second book. Have a look and pick one up if you've got a spare $1.99... (Leave a comment, rating, or what-have-you as well, please.)

  • A Conversation with Dmitry Samarov

    chicagohack.com 13 Sep '12, 2am

    A video portrait shot during my last days driving a cab by

  • Dmitry Samarov: View from a Chicago Cab

    Dmitry Samarov: View from a Chicago Cab

    chicagohack.com 11 Jan '13, 4pm

    Mr. Samarov, an artist and painter trained at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is an astute observer of human nature. He records those observations in his debut book Hack: Stories From a Chicago Cab and on canvas. The exhibition will open in the Main Gallery on January 23, ...

  • "Hack: Boston"~about my first days driving a cab.


    chicagohack.com 14 Aug '12, 12pm

    I met very few cabdrivers in my twelve years behind the wheel who set out to be cabdrivers. In 1993, I was an art-school graduate in Boston looking for a job. My search led to a seedy office inside a garage on Saint Botolph Street, the headquarters of Checker Taxi Company of Boston. A...


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