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  • Beavering away at Henry Heath

    cabbieblog.com 17 Mar '15, 5pm

    Before CrossRail cabbies would pass the rear of Henry Heath’s Hat Factory as they negotiated the ‘Dirty Dozen’ twelve roads that once connected Regent Street with Tottenham Court Road. I’ve often glanced at the decorated tradesmans’ entrance of his factory in Hollen Street [left] – th...

  • A Marathon read

    cabbieblog.com 15 Mar '15, 5pm

    Just how do they do it? I mean when an actor is given a major part to play, just how so they remember their lines. I only ask because last weekend a mighty 76 page tome thudded on to my doormat. Years in the planning and in less than six days I have to commit it to memory. The publica...

  • Previously on CabbieBlog . . . A Festival of Litter #CabbieBlog

    A festival of litter

    cabbieblog.com 19 Mar '15, 5pm

    With this deepening recession I was talked into going ‘South of the River’ recently, times really are that hard these days. Just imagine my surprise after passing the hinterland of Vauxhall and Stockwell when eventually we reached Brixton to find them celebrating a Festival of Litter....

  • Previously on CabbieBlog . . . Taking the waters #CabbieBlog

    Taking the water in the Serpentine

    cabbieblog.com 14 Mar '15, 5pm

    One little published event in the Olympics was the 10km Open Waters Swimming in which competitors swam around a pond. We were 4th in the women’s (just missing the bronze by less than a second) and 5th in the men’s. The event was held on The Serpentine in Hyde Park, the same waters whe...

  • London a capital idea

    cabbieblog.com 16 Mar '15, 5pm

    Although there was an earlier settlement on the site, the city of London (in latin Londinium), was established by the Romans around AD 43. It served as a major imperial commercial centre until its abandonment during the 5th century, however the origin of the name London is still uncer...

  • Happy Birthday, Gordon

    cabbieblog.com 03 Mar '15, 5pm

    On Monday 15th March Selfridges Department Store at the Marble Arch end of Oxford Street celebrated its centenary having opening in 1909. Here is the story of its founder taken from CabbieBlog’s Hidden London . Gordon Selfridge the American department store magnet was an interesting f...

  • Our interview with a female black cab driver was mentioned in @CabbieBlog's blog today … #london #taxi

    Female London Cabbies

    cabbieblog.com 27 Feb '15, 4pm

    What is it really like being a female black cab driver? Clegg Gifford interviewed Stella Wood to find out what life is like as a female cabby Earlier this month, Clegg Gifford interviewed Stella Wood to dig deeper into the tips of the trade and find out why she decided to become a bla...

  • Does AV mean another view?

    cabbieblog.com 01 Mar '15, 5pm

    Urban myth has it that every London cabbie is the oracle of all knowledge. We are often asked on how the trade is going; bankers it would seem regard us as a barometer of London’s business. Now I don’t for a moment think that after a short chat with a cabbie our customers take an opti...


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