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  • Fare trade

    cabbieblog.com 29 Nov '15, 12am

    The congestion charge is a perfect example of how politicians, when faced with a complex problem (in this case, traffic congestion in our capital city), only tinker with it and never apply the radical measures that would actually solve it. Applying the congestion charge was wrong in e...

  • Pubs: A glass divide

    cabbieblog.com 27 Nov '15, 1pm

    Downton Abbey might have been all about the Victorian class system but it’s the local where Britain’s obsession with one’s social standing was defined. London’s hostelries once had multiple spaces, which sometimes were extremely small, each one denoted by the price you would pay for a...

  • The London Grill: Michael McNay

    cabbieblog.com 26 Nov '15, 12pm

    (published by Random House Books). Michael worked for the Guardian for some thirty-seven years, during which time he wrote and edited features, was the paper’s first arts editor and wrote frequently on fine art and cinema. He was closely involved in the paper’s root and branch redesig...

  • Cyber Satan

    cabbieblog.com 27 Nov '15, 12am

    I think I might have sold my soul to the devil, or at least the cyber version of Satan for recently I’ve been given the latest version of Amazon’s Kindle the Voyage , instead of going to a local bookshop to be served by knowledgeable, honest staff I find myself ordering books at the t...

  • Sponsor a pothole

    cabbieblog.com 26 Nov '15, 12am

    Now here’s a question for you, and no conferring. How many potholes are there on Britain’s roads? The answer is to be found at the bottom of this post. Oxford City Council has proposed a plan to ‘Sponsor A Pothole’ because it does not have enough funding to cover the cost of maintaini...

  • MegaBooth Taxi

    cabbieblog.com 24 Nov '15, 1pm

    This started as the occasional post about conversions of retired cabs that have been deemed as unfit for purpose by Transport for London. But I am discovering so many ingenious ways that have turned redundant vehicles into a useful asset that in all probability this will feature as a ...

    1. Little Freinds taxistorys.blogspot.com 24 Nov '15, 8pm
  • Running out of puff in London

    cabbieblog.com 18 Oct '15, 11pm

    It wasn’t until the mid-nineteenth century that underground rail travel was envisaged, deemed to be quieter and less disruptive than overground, not to say obviating the need to demolish properties in more salubrious areas. Underground rail travel posed a problem for the engineers as ...

  • 100 years down the drain with Thomas Crapper

    cabbieblog.com 16 Oct '15, 11pm

    Readers of a delicate disposition should log off now for today’s post is about well . . . spending a penny. With a surname like Crapper you would have thought another choice of vocation would have been preferable, for apparently the derivation of the vulgar verb, is not taken from Tho...


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