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  • Drivel to go

    cabbieblog.com 24 Nov '14, 4pm

    I nearly uttered the phrase beloved by Americans, and consciously I had to stop it forming on my lips;”“latte to go please”, from the assistant (or should that be barista) in Starbucks the other day. Located opposite the Globe Theatre, with good service, clean toilets (unless the Engl...

  • Previously on CabbieBlog . . . The luxuries of London #CabbieBlog

    The luxuries of London

    cabbieblog.com 21 Nov '14, 4pm

    Today we have a guest post written by Charlotte Stafford. She writes about some of the finest places to eat or stay in London. London has some of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants in the world. Your visit could for that special occasion or if you just want to be pampered on yo...

  • A history of green cab shelters

    cabbieblog.com 15 Nov '14, 10am

    Between designing handbags fit for the Duchess of Cambridge, and assisting Mayor Boris in his mission to make the host city look beautiful for the Olympic games, Anya Hindmarch is taking up the cause to save the Cabmen’s Shelters from extinction. She has designed a two-way 2012 London...

  • Previously on CabbieBlog . . . Dark Satanic Mill #CabbieBlog

    Dark Satanic Mill

    cabbieblog.com 22 Nov '14, 4pm

    Food producers adulterating our food is a recurring problem and the practice has gone on for centuries. When the Albion Flour Mills opened the traditional millers – who feared the factory would drive their wind and water mills out of business – had for a long time been spreading rumou...

  • Tunnel vision for cyclists - via @Shareaholic #cycling

    Tunnel vision for cyclists from Taxi Leaks

    cabbieblog.com 24 Oct '14, 11pm

    London has a labyrinth of disused tunnels. In this Guest Post from Taxi Leaks the licensed taxi trade’s leading website. Dave Davis has come up with a novel way of protecting cyclists while freeing up some much needed space on the capital’s overcrowded streets. Could abandoned Tube st...


    Goswell Street Road

    cabbieblog.com 10 Nov '14, 12pm

    One of the oft used and pointless pieces of trivia is that the City of London has no ’roads’. The Square Mile has streets aplenty, along with ‘Lanes’, ‘Gates’, ‘Gardens’, ‘Docks’, ‘Places’, ‘Alleys’, ‘Hills’ and ‘Yards’, but no ’roads’. Along with a veritable smorgasbord of throughfar...

  • So good you couldn't make it up: Scratching Fanny, the ghost of Cock Lane.

    Scratching Fanny in Cock Lane

    cabbieblog.com 04 Oct '14, 3pm

    Cock Lane, an inconspicuous narrow thoroughfare in Smithfield, in 1762 suddenly acquired international fame, or notoriety, when a house became one of London’s best known haunting. The spirit of Fanny Lynes accused someone of her own murder. It’s 1749 and William Kent has recently arri...

  • Chiswick Mall

    Chiswick Mall

    cabbieblog.com 04 Nov '14, 6pm

    Every month CabbieBlog hopes to show you a little gem of a building which you might have passed without noticing. Should you be travelling down the A4 approaching the Hogarth Roundabout from the east you probably will be unaware that just yards from the racetrack that this stretch of ...


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