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  • A journey to the Mystic East

    cabbieblog.com 01 Aug '15, 9pm

    ‘Olympic Route Network’, the phrase just conjures up a route for graceful athletics to compete on. The Greeks would have given the road from Marathon to Athens an appropriately romantic title. As predicted by CabbieBlog priority lanes are proposed for exclusive use of Olympic official...

  • Cab detritus

    Cab detritius

    cabbieblog.com 31 Jul '15, 1pm

    As the London cab trade continues to implode with no sign from Transport for London stopping the freefall into oblivion, today we have a photo montage going down memory lane when the Black Cab was recognised by the powers that be as the premier taxi service. The picture on the left is...

  • Top secret stowaways

    Top secret stowaways

    cabbieblog.com 27 Jul '15, 1pm

    Almost nightly in the news are reports of asylum seekers trying to cross the Channel to gain domicile in England. Most try to hide inside lorries bound for Dover, and if you believe the right wing press, knowing if they succeed the chances of being deported are minimal. Situated in Po...

  • A load of old bollards

    A load of old bollards

    cabbieblog.com 24 Jul '15, 1pm

    Like many I love an urban myth pigeons knowingly travelling on the tube; Jimi Hendrix was responsible for releasing the original breeding pair of parakeets; or cabbies have to keep a bail of straw in their boot ’to feed their horse’; and best of all, London’s bollards are French canno...

  • The Ice Cream Cab

    The Ice Cream Cab

    cabbieblog.com 21 Jul '15, 1pm

    It never fails to amaze me the uses that the London cab can be put once it stops ferrying passengers around. He is another in the occasional series of novel uses for cabs. Tom, a cabbie himself, felt that the traditional ice cream van with the tinkling bell was so passé. So he has now...

  • Twenty’s plenty

    Twenty's plenty

    cabbieblog.com 07 Jul '15, 1pm

    I’ve always thought of the 30 mph speed limit in London as having been imposed since the dawn of time. The recent seemingly draconian measure by many local authorities to reduce this to a blanket 20 mph to many is a novel and unnecessary step. Yet for many years 20 mph was the norm it...

  • Enjoy our guest blog on plague pits #twitterstorians #London

    Plague Pits

    cabbieblog.com 29 May '15, 1pm

    This is a Guest Post from Marianne MacRitchie. Marianne and her partner, Jonathan Lovett, run Tales of Plague. A ‘living history’ company which runs theatrical, guided walks around the city of London focusing on places of historical interest relating to the Black Death and the Great P...

  • Have a Great Hotel Stay in Burton

    Have a great hotel stay in Burton

    cabbieblog.com 28 Jun '15, 8am

    Planning any type of leisure trip or holiday with your family or friends takes a great deal of care so you can be sure to choose just the right place for your trip. One of the places you may want to look into as a possible location for your trip is the city of Burton. When you stay in...


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