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  • Conversations in a cab

    cabbieblog.com 05 Feb '16, 1pm

    Londoners, it would seem, have certain behaviours when it comes to entering a cab, when I last wrote about cab etiquette it was mainly as a guide for visitors. Londoners sitting alone in the back of the cab seem to feel an innate awkwardness, much as you might experience if stuck in a...

  • All our yesterdays

    cabbieblog.com 26 Jan '16, 1pm

    I should have named this post ‘All our great-great-grandparents yesterdays’. Yestervid have collected a series of old films from the early days of film (1890-1920) and produced a truly fascinating video. In March 2015, old footage was researched and collected from various credible sou...

  • Site Unseen: St. Mary's Battersea

    cabbieblog.com 02 Feb '16, 1pm

    Every month CabbieBlog hopes to show you a little gem of a building that you might have passed without noticing, in the past they have ranged from a modernist car park ; a penguin pool ; to a Hanoverian gatehouse . You can hardly see this little church from the road, just its perimete...

  • The Tipple Taxi

    cabbieblog.com 22 Jan '16, 1pm

    When Transport for London decreed that older cabs should be banned from the streets of London they couldn’t have guessed that with a little imagination the number of different uses these old workhorses would be put. When I started this occasional series about ‘retired’ cabs the assump...

  • The Churchill Clock

    cabbieblog.com 29 Jan '16, 1pm

    Bracken House is to be found sandwiched between Distaff Lane, Friday Street, Queen Victoria Street and Cannon Street and is named after Brendan Bracken a close friend of Winston Churchill so close so rumour was that he was the illegitimate son of Churchill. Contemporaries would accuse...

  • The London Grill: Patrick Dalton

    cabbieblog.com 15 Jan '16, 1pm

    We challenge our contributor to reply to ten devilishly probing questions about their London and we don’t take “Sorry Gov” for an answer. Everyone sitting in the hot seat will face the same questions that range from their favourite way to spend a day out in the capital to their most h...

  • Down Your Alley: St. Martin's Lane

    cabbieblog.com 19 Jan '16, 1pm

    Walking down St. Martin’s Lane the first alley you reach on your right is St. Martin’s Court . St Martin’s Court, Lane, Place, and Street were all named, as might be supposed, from the church of St Martin in the Fields. This notable London landmark was built originally in the 12th cen...

  • The end of the road

    cabbieblog.com 12 Jan '16, 1pm

    This week could mark the beginning of the end for the black cab. This unique London icon, loved and loathed in equal measure, started its journey during the Commonwealth when Oliver Cromwell licensed cabbies. The modern cabbie can be traced to the dying days of the Great Exhibition of...


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