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  • Great piece on #theonlyrunningfootman here on @CabbieBlog

    I am The Only Running Footman

    cabbieblog.com 15 Apr '14, 11am

    London still has many pubs left that are worthy of a visit. Most have the usual generic names: Red Lion, Royal Oak, Builder’s Arms or King’s Head. But one to be found in Mayfair has what must be a unique sign above its door – The Only Running Footman. For this Guest Post Alex Murray w...

  • The London Grill: N. Quentin Woolf

    The London Grill: N. Quentin Woolf

    cabbieblog.com 18 Apr '14, 1pm

    Quentin Woolf is a novelist and broadcaster. His short stories have appeared in publications internationally and online, in exhibitions and as part of stage performances. A passionate advocate of the benefits of peer critique, NQW has hosted Writers’ Mutual, a popular collaborative cr...

  • Mole Man resurfaces

    Mole Man resurfaces

    cabbieblog.com 08 Apr '14, 4pm

    It has all the ingredients of a Grand Designs programme for Channel 4, Kevin McCloud walking through the rubble and telling viewers that the restoration of 121 Mortimer Road poses problems not seen before and unlikely to be featured on any subsequent show. You might recall in 2006 the...

  • @sfogo It's s great spot. Forgot to say, thought to be the site of the last duel fought in London.

    London's smallest square - Pickering Place

    cabbieblog.com 18 Mar '14, 5pm

    As Westminster Council spends thousands of pounds turning Pall Mall into a dual-carriageway racetrack, parts of St. James’s remain an oasis of peace and calm. Thought to be the smallest public open space in London, Pickering Place is perhaps most famous for being the location of the l...

  • Piggeries and Potteries

    Piggeries and Potteries

    cabbieblog.com 28 Mar '14, 2pm

    They come in colours ranging from red, purple, brown and various shades of yellow and can be laid in soldier, sailor, stretcher, English, Flemish, header and rowlock bonds there must be a dozen ways to lay them. With their unrefined pock-marks and crinkled irregular contours, dappled ...

  • Sedan Chairs in London

    They come over here

    cabbieblog.com 23 Mar '14, 9pm

    The rivalry between black licensed cabbies and private hire is legionary, one might have thought that licensed Hackney Carriages had it easier in the past, but after reading Lucy Inglis Georgian: London Into The Streets I’ve discovered we cabbies even had our competitors in Georgian t...

  • Cabmen's shelter

    cabbieblog.com 14 Feb '14, 1pm

    The unpretentious green huts that have sustained London cabbies for more than 130 years are to get a new lease of life, thanks to a £69,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Only thirteen of the original sixty-one Cabmen’s Shelters survive and their role has been largely ove...

  • Read Earlswood Press author Mick Rose's views on London on 'London Grill' on

    The London Grill: Mick Rose

    cabbieblog.com 22 Feb '14, 3pm

    We challenge our contributor to reply to ten devilishly probing questions about their London and we don’t take “Sorry Gov” for an answer. Everyone sitting in the hot seat will face the same questions that range from their favourite way to spend a day out in the capital to their most h...


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