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  • Homeless in London

    cabbieblog.com 21 Apr '15, 5pm

    The walk concludes at Lincoln’s Inn Field, a large green square in Holborn surrounded by imposing terraces. With a fresh fall of snow on the lawn, it’s a majestic sight but this was once a vast homeless campsite called Tent City. In the early 90s, the homeless were noisily evicted, pa...

  • The London Grill: Boris Johnson

    The London Grill: Boris Johnson

    cabbieblog.com 17 Apr '15, 3pm

    oris Johnson was born in 1964. He was a trainee reporter for The Times , subsequently working at The Daily Telegraph , where he became assistant editor. He was editor of The Spectator for six years up to 2005. He has also published a number of works of fiction and non-fiction, most re...

  • Type in Thames

    Type in Thames

    cabbieblog.com 07 Apr '15, 1pm

    When I was a student at what’s now rather grandly named The London College of Communication we would have to compose type by hand in a typeface called Baskerville (I now use that font for reading on my Kindle). Upon completion and subsequent inspection by the tutor it was expected tha...

  • Previously on CabbieBlog . . . Food for Thought #CabbieBlog

    Food for thought

    cabbieblog.com 06 Apr '15, 5pm

    Pie and Mash is quite simply the most traditional food that London has to offer. Forget your chip shops and burger bars, ‘Eel Pie and Mash Houses’ have been around since the early 1800’s – the first ones opening in pre-Dickensian and Victorian London. Historically, the pies were made ...

  • Previously on CabbieBlog . . . I’ve Got The Hump #CabbieBlog

    I've got the hump

    cabbieblog.com 07 Apr '15, 5pm

    Kwik Fit Fitters could be the sponsors for these carbuncles growing on virtually every street in The Capital. Every regular driver in the City knows to their cost these humps inflect on the suspension. Last week I encountered 127 road humps on a single shift, yes I know I’m an anorak ...

  • Know your #Cabbie lingo! What is a #Butterboy? Where is the Magic Circle?

    London cabbie lingo

    cabbieblog.com 08 Apr '15, 2pm

    Parlez-vous cabbie? C’est un doddle! So you have decided to waste time by surfing the web. Well, put your spare time to use and learn a new language before you return to work. This is “cabbie speak” so repeat after me: A Churchill – A meal. Churchill gave cabbies the right to refuse a...

  • Beavering away at Henry Heath

    cabbieblog.com 17 Mar '15, 5pm

    Before CrossRail cabbies would pass the rear of Henry Heath’s Hat Factory as they negotiated the ‘Dirty Dozen’ twelve roads that once connected Regent Street with Tottenham Court Road. I’ve often glanced at the decorated tradesmans’ entrance of his factory in Hollen Street [left] – th...

  • A Marathon read

    cabbieblog.com 15 Mar '15, 5pm

    Just how do they do it? I mean when an actor is given a major part to play, just how so they remember their lines. I only ask because last weekend a mighty 76 page tome thudded on to my doormat. Years in the planning and in less than six days I have to commit it to memory. The publica...


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