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  • John Leighton suggested that London borough boundaries could be altered to form a honeycomb.

    Hexagonal London

    cabbieblog.com 06 Sep '14, 3am

    John Leighton suggested that the old borough boundaries should be altered to conform to a honeycomb pattern. Within a five-mile radius of the General Post Office all the sprawling, differently sized boroughs were to become hexagonal-shaped areas, 2-miles across. There were 19 altogeth...

  • Seeing Red – and other colours

    Seeing red at the National Gallery

    cabbieblog.com 26 Aug '14, 1pm

    For some time now I have been meaning to visit the National Gallery’s summer exhibition – Making Colour, claimed by the organisers to be the first exhibition of its kind in the United Kingdom. The ability to produce colours has long been a quest of man, and for someone who drives a ve...

  • I am on the cabbie blog grill. Driving through London

    The London Grill: Leo Hollis

    cabbieblog.com 22 Jul '14, 8am

    We challenge our contributor to reply to ten devilishly probing questions about their London and we don’t take “Sorry Gov” for an answer. Everyone sitting in the hot seat will face the same questions that range from their favourite way to spend a day out in the capital to their most h...

  • Have you got The Knowledge?

    Have you got The Knowledge?

    cabbieblog.com 07 Aug '14, 1pm

    She describes her blog as: ‘A city through the eyes of a girl who’s not sure how she ended up here’ . For someone who is unsure of her place in the Metropolis, Flora, author of The Accidental Londoner seems to have fitted in rather well, writing one of the best of London’s blogs. For ...

  • Underneath the Arches

    Underneath the Arches

    cabbieblog.com 04 Jul '14, 1pm

    Without doubt the star of the show is the very early photograph by William Henry Fox Talbot, it is quite incredible that the photograph has survived at all. Called ‘ Old Hungerford Bridge’ the photo was taken in 1845 , when Fox Talbot was beginning to perfect the process that would do...

  • @sarah_chapman good shout. Like the look of Frockney Rebel too - second from bottom

    Pundon Calling

    cabbieblog.com 02 May '14, 8am

    Some would have been a great idea at the time, I imagine concrete supplier Jim’ll Mix It now wishes they hadn’t been so clever, or driving around in a pink van with U-benders advertising your ability to unblock drains is a bit close to the knuckle. So here is a selection of my favouri...

  • A wonderful tale of silver mousetraps by @LondonCabbie:

    Sign of the silver mousetrap

    cabbieblog.com 25 Apr '14, 4pm

    When the traffic is bad there is a little cut through from Kingsway to Holborn via Lincoln’s Inn Fields. One passes the Seven Stars public house, always popular with the legal profession. It’s where barristers bring their clients for celebratory champagne or a stiff commiseratory shor...

  • The Story of Mayfair

    The Story of Mayfair Peter Wetherall

    cabbieblog.com 24 Jun '14, 1pm

    I was recently given a copy of The Story of Mayfair by Peter Wetherall; it’s a concise book with cartoons by Martin Millard which chronicles this famous enclave of London from the 1660s to the present day – and beyond. For a corporate publication clearly aimed at Wetherall’s wealthy c...


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