22 Oct '12, 7am


We're not suppose to think about our pleasure. Our pleasure cause's us pain. It's what it is. I think we try to train ourselves to avoid pleasure. I speak to it, "cum snake!" I call. Snakes dwell here, we are on this planet as a vicious but basic serpent. We're set here to strike out at the heat. But most of us are chocked, forced to strike out and leave. we're vulnerable beggars. Fucking colder blooded then before. So many people left in frost. Noble! To die there cold. Most of us do. We're trapped, eating our lives away at a shitty job we hate. I'm sick of talking to people who tip toe around, "No" they say! "No fighting!" Fuck that. Fight. Debate! Talk smack. This world is a bullied ball of crap. Nature, is a slut, she lets the dirtiest fucker smash. She's a dirty bitch like that. Fuck! here navy will over throw us tho. She knows we'll blow it before she's done. We're a...

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