31 Jul '15, 1pm

Cab detritus

Cab detritus

As the London cab trade continues to implode with no sign from Transport for London stopping the freefall into oblivion, today we have a photo montage going down memory lane when the Black Cab was recognised by the powers that be as the premier taxi service. The picture on the left is a rogue taxi rank in Mansfield. With a lack of provision for cabbies waiting for a fare someone has created their own rank. The council threatened to strip the Hackney licenses of those responsible.

Full article: http://www.cabbieblog.com/cab-detritus/


The Ice Cream Cab

The Ice Cream Cab

cabbieblog.com 21 Jul '15, 1pm

It never fails to amaze me the uses that the London cab can be put once it stops ferrying passengers around. He is another...

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