09 Apr '12, 8pm

Woop Woop

Late last night I carried a woman from the domestic Airport to Campbelltown. The trip took 40 minutes down the M5 in little traffic. The fare of $133 cost more than her airfare. This is what many passengers face when a second airport is built way out at Woop Woop. No one wants to land in Woop Woop, and I ain't going to Woop Woop. To have a airport so close to the hub of the city is a real bonus and the envy of many world cities.Yet out decision makers are stuck in a time warp, unwilling to utilize the potential of the current facility. To make it work properly here's some suggestions... 1) The curfew must go. Every night after 10 pm empty jumbos take off for...Melbourne! Ha, Melbourne has no curfew and allows international carriers to leave when it suits their schedules. That's Sydney's loss and all because of noise. 2) Therefore route all after-hour flights over Botany Ba...

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Prophetic - Cablog

Prophetic - Cablog

cablog.com.au 11 Apr '12, 5pm

Last time I saw Jimmy Little I took this photo. I thought at the time that it was prophetic and that I was unlikely to see...