25 Mar '12, 6pm


A dumb passenger stunt involves those sitting behind me who alight by flinging the door wide open, without any regard for passing traffic. These idiots don't seem to realise or care that besides the potential for serious injury they are also responsible for any vehicle damage. In particular mothers featured this weekend for dumb stuff involving children. One woman made a pointed remark to her toddler as I set up the child seat. “Don't worry, darling, I know it's not safe but it's only this one time.” Huh? The seat was a legal unit secured by a seatbelt, rear anchor point, and twin shoulder harnesses for the kid. More likely, she believed that catching a cab was dicing with death. Then we stopped at a liquor store whilst she picked up some booze. Rather than extract the child via the safety of the footpath, she grabbed the kid from the seat and alighted from the door behind...

Full article: http://www.cablog.com.au/2012/03/dumb.html