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rt @samarov "Hack: Not Unattractive" "Hack: End of an Era" via @windycitizen

rt @samarov "Hack: Not Unattractive" "Hack: End of an Era" via @windycitizen

“Alright. We’ll take me home first, then you. —Ashland and 18th, driver. “I don’t know why I’m so out of it all of a sudden. I shouldn’t be this drunk and I don’t know why I’m still so upset at seeing Robert.” “You’re not over him,” his friend suggests. “Maybe. But how long is this going to last? Anyways did you see, there wasn’t an unattractive person in that room—not even that person I don’t like, who kept feeling me up all night... “So out of it all of a sudden. This is why I don’t smoke anymore. The last time I smoked I went blind. Literally. I had all my other senses though, including my sixth sense. I was only able to see people by their auras. Can you imagine? And some peoples’ auras smelled—well, not smelled, but they had like a strong odor or presence or something. There was one person’s aura that I liked though...”

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"Hack: Last Ride"~ about my last day as a cabdr...

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At 1:20 am last Saturday morning Frank Caruso sat warming himself in the back seat of a police cruiser when a 2010 Chevy I...