18 Mar '14, 12pm

dear @lyft - please see this article in regards to licensing in Madison.

Company licensing fees [Sec. 11.06(4)(a)]. The City of Madison has dramatically increased the financial barriers to starting up a new taxicab company in Madison by imposing a $1,500 licensing fee for new companies. Prior to July 1, 1998, city fees of $125 per company were in line with many other cities. A survey of eight Ohio cities, for example, found that the cost of licensing a new company ranged from $25 in Youngstown to $75 in Columbus to $250 in Akron (with a $10 surcharge for each additional vehicle). Only the city of Dayton charged fees that exceeded Madison's current level ($250 per car). Moreover, Madison has instituted a renewal fee of $500. These fees compound the effects of other regulatory barriers and obstacles. Public hearings on new cab company applications [Sec. 11.06(4)(b)]. Public hearings should be reserved for deliberating regulatory policy rather tha...

Full article: http://www.taxi-library.org/madison.htm