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@treasa @ElaineEdwards On the plus side: But I do think they could stand to repeat that on every page of any docs.

Is the Swords/Airport to City Centre Swiftway a low cost substitute for Metro North? 19/02/14 The Swords/Airport to City Centre Swiftway is not intended as a substitute for Metro North. The proposed Swiftway service is the appropriate transport solution to serve the existing public transport deficit along this corridor in the short to medium term. If development occurs along this corridor as currently planned, there will be a requirement to deliver a rail based solution such as Metro North to fully serve the broad Swords to City Centre corridor in the longer term.

Full article: http://www.nationaltransport.ie/wp_super_faq/is-the-sword...




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Strategically located in the heart of the central financial, cultural, shopping and entertainment locations in Singapore, ...

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